Iran Bonyad Beton Company

Bonyad Beton Company of Iran is one of the affiliated companies of Bonyad Maskan, which has been separated from the main body Bonyad Maskan since 1991 to promote and improve the methods of building construction materials

Currently, the company owns 11 subsidiaries companies in the country and more than 50 housing material plants and factories, while producing and supplying some standard building materials in the country with the help of its experienced engineers, technicians and staff over twenty years experience in the initial studies, design, construction, commissions and management of plant.

The ability to provide services in terms of having the right equipment and machinery and competent staff in executive minimum possible time by organizing and equipping the facilities and transmission of mobile device the building materials needed for design, management and execution of major construction projects to undertake and accomplish the desired quality.

Bonyad Beton factories and plants are products of various types of crushed sand and gravel, ready mixed concrete, RCC concrete, concrete products.

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