Hot asphalt

Hot asphalt

The hot asphalt plant is designed and built in two types.

 1. Continuous production (Drum mixer Continuous type (Drum Mixer.

 This type of asphalt plant is designed in landscape mode and the production of hot asphalt is made in a linear state of interruption. Controlling the amount of material in the horizontal factory is volumetric.
The horizontal asphalt plant with the changes made to it does not require the use of a Twin shaft mixer, between and in the entire asphalt tower. In this type of design, the mixing operation is carried out at the bottom of the door and the full asphalt from the end of the drum mixer is ready for loading Which will be downloaded using the conveyor.

 2. Hot Asphalt Plant Batch type Asphalt plant.

  In this type of sand asphalt plant, after the baking of Alvator, it is directed to the asphalt tower, where the operation of gravel, weighing and mixing of materials is carried out.

Names of factories producing asphalt
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