There is no quality of quality, so we invest everything we can to improve the quality of investment, as our goal is to recognise national capital and satisfy the customer satisfaction.


Al - آذرآبادگان Concrete Foundation Ltd. with over 30 years of productive experience with regard to the most comprehensive and fullest extent of production of concrete using its engineers and technical capability of engineers and engineers in the field of producing concrete and light - style steel, table and کف‌پوش‌های, are based on the nation's current standards in order to improve the efficiency of the country's civil project and to coordinate it with the developments of the world today.


The company is always ready to take a long step towards reforming the institutional structures and infrastructure of the country by increasing annual investments and improving the quality of production and services of the production and service process and distribution of quality stability of its products in all stages of guarantee, in addition to ensuring consumers ' confidence.


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