Parts made of (block, panels, etc) lightweight concrete (AAC)

Autoclaved aerated concrete is one of lightweight concrete most used modern building materials, and its consumption is growing in the world. Different type of Autoclaved concrete (AAC), tyong, hebex and hebell types.

According to its light weight (one cubic meter of AAC block weight from 600 to 700 Kg) compared with bricks (approximately 830 bricks weighting approximately 1650 Kg).

The construction of the factory in Hamedan province in the city of Nahavand, is in progress, and expected to produce an annual production of 450000 m3/yr (1500 m3/day) based on the latest technology in the world. The supply of this product volume to the market can some what increase the speed of implementation of construction projects while observing the topic of 19 (energy saving).


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