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The biggest producer of Ready-Mixed Concrete in the country

Definition of Ready-Mixed concrete : Preparation of concrete happens at the plant, by the batching plant according to the engineered mixing plant.

The ready-mixed concrete in the plant will be delivered in two ways through the following sites :

Dough shape (wet) prepared by mixer and carrying by truck mixer.

Dry in mixer and carrying dry by truck mixer and water added at sites.

Due to the importance of concrete quality and the necessity of using high quality materials and the precision of their consumption and construction of concrete, they are equipped with concrete lab in all plants of Bonyad Beton and (some of these labs cooperate with the standard) from concrete produced sampled and tested. Due to the availability of concrete transport and delivery machinery, the concrete is prepared in timely manner with assurance of the quality desired the consumer.

Concrete production with high resistance grades, self-compacting concrete (SCC) and concrete types are on the agenda and produced at different plants of the company.


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